Life & Times of a CISO in a Web App World


65% of organizations experienced attacks‍ that bypassed their WAF last year–is yours one of them?

Controls in place two decades ago may have been sufficient to prevent a major security incident, but the efficacy of those controls has deteriorated far more rapidly than companies are prepared for.

 To stay ahead of the threat curve requires universal session visibility, comprehensive understanding of the client-side attack surface, and continuous policy enforcement regardless of device type or user location. 

Protecting Patients in the Age of Cyber Risk


Hear unique perspectives from Dr. Howard Greenfield, a board-certified anesthesiologist with decades of operating room experience; Taylor Lehman, a 20-year CISO for organizations that include Athenahealth and Wellforce; and Cymatic’s own Chief Security and Trust Officer Malcolm Harkins as they discuss advances and adversaries in the digitization of healthcare including:

  • at-home health monitoring
  • pre- and post-op care
  • medical device protection
  • data risk
  • workflows, workarounds, and the dangers of multiple user credentials

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