Don’t lose sight of your workforce, just because they work from home.

To support SMBs, not-for-profit organizations and EDUs managing newly remote workers as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Cymatic is offering its universal in-session visibility dashboard, Cymatic 20/20, FREE through September 30, 2020.*

Deployed in less than 20 minutes.  Operational in seconds.  Cymatic offers threat defense and universal in-session visibility without DNS changes, proxies, agents or plugins.  

Instantly See:  Dark Web Threats, Credential Vulnerabilities, ATO Bots, Location Risk, IP Risk, Device Threats and more.

Here’s How Cymatic 20/20 Works


Deploy Cymatic’s Javascript Snippet in your Web Application 

Cymatic deploys just like Google Analytics.  Within minutes, you get instant visibility to user, location and device based threats.


  • Zero network or DNS reroutes eliminates deployemnt barriers
  • No agents or plugins to deploy reduces user friction
  • Works across all devices allowing for an easy transition to BYOD


Instantly See Results from One Unified Dashboard.  

Quickly get insight into your organization’s security gaps and understand your exposure to remote work.


  • Automatically identify all known and unknown devices, users and locations
  • Avoid gaps that come with trying to glue together siloed solutions
  • Drastically reduce your costs and complexity with managing multiple solutions


Auto-Remediate Your Exposure On-The-Fly

Cymatic 20/20 includes the industry’s first auto-remediation and awareness engine


  • Eliminate security gaps invisibly without user friction
  • Make your users aware of potential risks with Cymatic’s awareness banners and chatbot
  • Increase your user’s security hygiene and your company’s cyberhealth seamlessly

* To take advantage of this promotion, you must submit a request form and agree to the promotional Terms and Conditions Agreement.  This promotion is for Cymatic 20/20 only and is valid until September 30th, 2020.  Customers on this promotion can upgrade to the full platform at anytime for an additional fee. Cymatic reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.  

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