IT and Security Leaders Still Rely on Incomplete Web App Security Solutions

75% of IT Leaders Lack Confidence in Their Web Application Security

New Research from Cymatic and Pulse Reveals Shortfalls in Common Approaches to WebAppSec
34% of Respondents Use 10+ Products To Protect Web Applications while 65% of Organizations Experienced Cyber Attacks‍ that Bypassed Their WAF

Key findings include:

  • 91% of executives spend up to a third of their web app technology budget on security, privacy, and compliance activities, but they continue to rely heavily on strong password requirements for cyber attack protection
  • MFA, WAFs, and CAPTCHAs are the top technologies most used to protect web applications, at 75%, 74%, and 63% respectively
  • 73% of respondents say account takeovers are the attack scenarios that most concern them

Survey Results

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