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  •                   Cyber risk analytics
  •                   Credential insights
  •                   Traffic analysis
  •                   Email & chat support
  • Free 15-Day Trial on Business
1 site and 100 credits/mo



For businesses of
all sizes

  • Everything in STARTER plus:
  •                   Credential defense
  •                   User profiles
  •                   Reporting
  •                   Session intelligence
  •                   User awareness
from  $45
3 sites and up to 1M credits/mo


Best for large companies
and enterprises

  • Everything in BUSINESS plus:
  •                     JavaScript Security
  •                     Behavioral verification
  •                     Policy management
  •                     Invoice payments
  •                     VIP Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course there is. Cymatic gives you a no obligation 15-day trial on our Business plan.

At the end of your 15-day trial you can either choose the plan that fits your needs, cancel or roll automatically to the Starter plan.

If you no longer want to subscribe to Cymatic, you can cancel any time. At that point, your subscription will last until the end of the current billing cycle.

A single tracking snippet allows you to get visibility from your users and send it to Cymatic for analysis. Installation involves copy and pasting your unique snippet within the site you would like to track.  After signing up, we will help walk you through this process with easy to follow onboarding wizards.

Since Cymatic works by using an always-on real-time socket connection from the user's device to our cloud versus event-based calls (i.e., APIs), we calculate what we charge you on value-added events streamed back and forth.  Depending on the type of form, a portion of a credit or a full credit will be consumed. The following list describes the most common examples of credit usage on our Business plan:

  • Password reset form: 1/4 credit
  • Registration form: 1/4 credit
  • Login form: 1 credit

Each credit on the Business plan is valued at: $.009 (paying annually).  An average user would consume about 1 credit during a typical session.  New users would consume 1.25 credits on their initial login (1/4 credit for registration and 1 credit for login).  All credit usage on our Starter plan will be calculated at 1 credit for login risk analytics.

Cymatic will never charge you for bad events related to non-value added traffic.

For monthly payments, we support all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover) and ACH. For yearly payments on the Business plan, we accept payments via wire transfer, all major credit cards, and ACH.  For payments on our Enterprise plan we only accept payment via wire transfer.

Credits are purchased in blocks depending on the plan you choose. Any unused credits will expire on the first day of each billing period, and do not accumulate.

If you are on our Business plan, Cymatic will alert you when you are reaching set thresholds on credit usage.  Based upon your usage, you have the option to purchase more credits ala carte or upgrade to the next plan tier.  If you have credit protection turned on and credits are not purchased, Cymatic will continue to process events up to the limit you set for your credit protection. As per the credit protection plan, Cymatic will charge you for the additional credits immediately when added to your account.  If you do not have credit protection turned on and run out of credits, Cymatic will stop processing events until credits are purchased or when the next billing cycle starts. Please note on our Enterprise plan, Cymatic will never stop processing events to ensure your application continues to function properly; credits will be trued-up quarterly in accordance to that plan's terms. If you are on our Starter plan, you will need to upgrade to Business or wait until the next billing cycle if you run out of credits.