Never Let Leaked Credentials Through the Front Door

Most security technologies check to see if a user’s credentials have been compromised or leaked after they log in — and send the user a message to update their password. By then, it’s too late. Cymatic protects your application before the login occurs — and before the breach happens.

We Check ALL the Credentials
Before the Click

The WHEN behind password checking is just as critical as HOW it’s done. Once a user clicks submit, the potential for a breach to occur increases exponentially. That’s why Cymatic checks dozens of password credentials before a user submits a form.

While a user is still typing Cymatic will:

  • Dynamically check a password against our leaked password database
  • Prompt a user to create a new password if needed
  • Check all in real-time — 200x faster than using traditional API methods

See Cymatic in Action

Type in a password to find out if it’s been leaked in real time.

Cymatic will not capture or record your password.

Good for Your App, Good for Your Users

Not only is this approach better for reducing your attack surface, it’s also a better user experience. With Cymatic, everyone benefits.

Your Applications Benefit Your Users Benefit
Faster security verification:
200x the speed of traditional API methods
Better usability and less friction
More modern user experience No annoying Captchas
Easier signup process, less abandonment Real-time password feedback
Reduced attack surface Heightened security
Multi-dimensional security Added account protection

Still not convinced?

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