Unified Web Security, Simplified.

Cymatic builds a defensible barrier around the user, so web-based threats can be stopped at the source.

Unified Web Security, Simplified.

Cymatic builds a defensible barrier around the user, so web-based threats can be stopped at the source.

Different by Design

Cymatic engineered a new approach to web security, designed and built to overcome the limitations of today’s siloed and ineffective security solutions. The Cymatic Unified Platform delivers the only foundation for true next-generation pre-endpoint protection.

Built to…


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Reduce Friction

Solving Today’s Most Pressing Security Issues


Cymatic’s behavioral engine – working alongside its dark web intelligence and credential defense technology – preemptively identifies form filling automations and can block these requests at the browser and before they reach your network.


Preventing ATO is more than just knowing the user’s device, location and credentials. Cymatic effectively stops ATO by combining dark web intelligence, behavioral biometrics, device and location triangulation and credential linguistics to detect and block malicious intent.

Unmanaged User & Endpoint Management

Cymatic allows you to not only enhance the security hygiene of your users but also check that your users’ devices meet security standards before granting them access. When combined with our security chatbot and banner notifications, vulnerability management becomes seamless via user self-remediation.

How Cymatic Helps
Its Customers


In Browser Automation Detection

Eliminate automation that is targeted at taking over your users’ identity by stopping the submission before it gets to your network.


  • Eliminate the need for CAPTCHAs – Cymatic detects human behaviors automatically
  • Reduce network traffic caused by credential stuffing or other automated attacks
  • Validate the true identity of users who use form fillers to automate their logins


Identity Assurance

Know your users without burdening them. Cymatic’s behavioral engine uses the latest in behavioral biometrics, cognitive neuroscience and behavioral heuristics to detect friend from foe.


  • Audit if credentials are shared and stay in compliance
  • Eliminate physical 2FA or step-up authentication
  • Protect against breached or vulnerable credentials


Breached and Vulnerable Credential Defense

Blocking breached credentials is now table stakes for security. Cymatic’s intelligent credential defense can preemptively determine – before a breach – if the credentials are vulnerable to be used in an attack.


  • Know if users’ credentials are vulnerable to be breached before the breach
  • Automate the remediation of breached or vulnerable credentials
  • See credential use across sites to detect potential credential risk


Unmanaged Device Remediation

Cymatic helps organizations understand if the devices they don’t manage are a threat by automatically scanning the device for vulnerabilities and blocking risky devices from entering the network without endpoint agents.


  • Monitor and identify risky devices before allowing application access. Cymatic lets you see, track and report on all end user devices from a single dashboard using NIST ratings.
  • Cymatic’s remediation engine puts the power in end users’ hands, giving them the ability to update their own devices to reduce risk.
  • Secure employees’ personal, non-corporate managed devices without endpoint agents. With Duo Mobile for Cymatic, you can block devices from accessing your applications based on OS, browser and plugin versions.


Compliance-Driven Reports and Analytics

Cymatic’s contextual engine can triangulate risks to provide a high fidelity report of the threats facing an organization. This composite look into an organization’s cyberhealth provides companies with a much clearer understanding of how one risk might amplify another and its direct correlation to a possible breach.


  • Understand how the security hygiene of your users affects your overall cyberhealth and breach risk
  • Understand your users better and pinpoint which users are a risk to your organization
  • Know where you are most vulnerable by seeing the correlation across dark web, IP, location, credential hygeiene, automation and other user-based threats.


Cymatic leverages a decentralized database that provides high throughput, sub-second latency and powerful functionality so users can securely share and consume anonymous identify and device intelligence with other organizations in real-time.


Cymatic’s Identity Intelligence Platform runs the world’s only adaptive machine learning system designed to take advantage of the power of the blockchain and real-time data streams from identity and threat sensors around the world.


Customer security and privacy are at the foundation of Cymatic’s technology. Cymatic will give opportunity for notice, encourage architectures with privacy safeguards, and provide appropriate transparency and control over the use of data.

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