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Client-Side WAF + VADR 

Protect your users and applications against cyber threats like account takeover, Magecart, formjacking, and code-injection attacks

A Better, Smarter, Faster Approach

Cymatic pioneered the first web application firewall to combine client-side WAF defense with a proprietary vulnerability, awareness, detection, and response (VADR™) AI engine to stop user- and app based threats in their tracks. Unlike other products that make static decisions based on siloed threat signals, Cymatic correlates and analyzes in real time thousands of signals over a dozen threat vectors to deliver a higher degree of security accuracy without compromising the user experience or application performance.


See where you’re most vulnerable with user, app, device, and company hygiene scans + analytics 


Understand your security posture with dynamic risk and exposure scores and autonomously educate with in-session user self-correction


Investigate  anomalies with session-level user analytics and control while eliminating geo-velocity and geo-fencing risks


Remediate threats dynamically on the fly with customizable and compliance-driven playbooks

Click. Click. Done! 

Cymatic is the only web application platform that deploys in minutes and operationalizes in seconds, so you can get back to what matters, your business. VADR™ provides first of its kind WAF capabilities with no whitelists, blacklists or complex rules.

Engage the Power of VADR™ To Stop Cyber Threats 

Account Takeover 

Preventing account takeover attacks from executing is more than just knowing the user’s device, location, and credentials. Cymatic effectively stops account takeover by combining dark web intelligence, behavioral biometrics, device and location triangulation, and credential linguistics to detect and block malicious intent.


Cymatic’s first-look, first-strike capability is earliest in the kill chain, allowing you to containerize sessions and reduce cyber threat risk from Magecart and formjacking attacks. We preemptively identify form-fill automations and can block requests at the browser before they reach your network.

Injection Attacks

Cymatic protects your web applications from SQL injection cross-site scripting, and other code-injection attacks using instant and continuous intelligence to discover and remediate threats in session to prevent them from infecting sensitive data, network, and customer assets.

Cymatic Covers 82% More Modern-Day Threats than Anyone Else 

Cymatic’s Unified Architecture Built to Eliminate Today’s Technology Gaps

How the Cymatic VADR™ Engine Helps You 


Unified Visibility and Control

Cymatic combines hundreds of threat signals across more than a dozen discreet security domains, such as dark web credential compromise, malicious automation, location risk, behavioral risk, device vulnerabilities, application script injection, and others, so you can get a holistic picture of your cyber-health.  


  • Understand your security posture with risk and exposure scores.
  • Track your cyber exposure over time to understand the effectiveness of your security programs
  • Know exactly where you are most vulnerable and get instant remediation across the entire web application stack; including user risk, application risk, device risk, session risk and location risk 


Compliance Made Easy

Enable out-of-the-box compliance playbooks to get instant visibility and protection with zero rules configuration or complex setup.


  • Cymatic’s VADR engine dynamically learns your app and user behavior to automatically configure its real time policy and enforcement engine which eliminates error prone and reactive security policy. 
  • Eliminate alert fatigue and get notified only on events that need critical attention.
  • Don’t just “check the box” on compliance and then fail an audit or worse – get breached. Enforce compliance-driven policies and rules against OWASP, NIST, PCI-DSS, CWE, HIPAA, and more.


Unmatched User and Session Intelligence

Understand the real security risks that your users have on your cyber exposure.


  • Cymatic assesses behavioral, credential, location and device risk of your users so you can reduce user associated cyber risk such as account takeover (ATO).
  • Cymatic starts to track and analyze users from the moment they land on your web application to the the moment they log off. 
  • When Cymatic identifies user risk, Cymatic can automatically record the user’s session and behaviors for later playback, dynamically kill the session, force a challenge or just notify you.


User Awareness Simplified 

Dynamically alter poor user behaviors and increase cyber hygiene with real time user awareness and on-the-fly education of cyber risks such as breached credentials, risky locations or malicious code.


  • Build stronger security postures with autonomous user-correction and self-awareness tools.
  • Leverage Cymatic’s built-in user awareness chatbot or security banner without code changes or any integration.
  • Greatly reduces cyber exposure and makes on going user cyber risk reduction manageable.


Protection from Magecart and other Script Attacks

Keep you web application healthy and eliminate hidden malicious code from 1st and 3rd party scripts.


  • Cymatic’s always on behavioral scan analyzes and learns your application automatically to ensure changes never go unnoticed and malicious scripts are immediately detected and quarantined.  No whitelists or blacklists required.
  • Cymatic instruments and correlates real-user sessions to monitor and eliminate malicious script behavior in real time across script source, event listeners, functions and network activity.
  • Cymatic ties user activity with application activity so you can easily understand which users are impacted and immediately remediate any issues. 


Security and privacy form the foundation of Cymatic technology. We treat security as a core feature of design and embed it into our product development process to protect customer PII, make the development process more efficient, and speed time-to-market for new solutions.



Control Risk

Manage vulnerabilities with client-side control to minimize risk and exposure to cyber threats.


Lower Costs

Reduce the cost and complexity associated with deploying, integrating, and managing multiple products.


Increase ROI

Easily deploy and operationalize Cymatic in minutes across your entire web application environment.

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