Get More Visibility into User Risk and Avoid Account Takeover

Cymatic not only gives you protection against account takeover attacks, but it gives you a clear picture of user risk. With Cymatic, you get:

  • Protection against account takeover at the login box
  • Ongoing visibility into the risk profiles of your entire user base
  • Real-time understanding of breach exposure
  • Ability to quarantine at-risk accounts


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More Granular
User Profiles

Cymatic completes the Auth0 user profile by adding risk context to each login and giving you the ability to alert and triage any suspicious login.

Advanced User
Risk Analytics

Cymatic adds user risk insights and analytics to Auth0’s award-winning authentication platform — giving you a detailed picture of your users’ security hygiene and your organization’s risk exposure level across logins, sessions, devices, locations, user behaviors, and credentials. This helps you:

  • Understand user risk and compliance gaps
  • Add additional security and insight to Auth0 forms
  • Enrich user profiles with risk signals

More Detailed

Cymatic completes Auth0’s logging by adding user risk context to the entire user journey — from landing on your application through logout.

Eliminate the Use of Leaked Passwords at Signup and Stop ATO Before it Happens

Cymatic starts to work as soon as the user lands on your application to assess and mitigate risk. Cymatic seamlessly augments Auth0’s password policy to protect your signup, reset and login forms — instantly eliminating the use of breached credentials and notifying you if an account is compromised.

Integrates with
Auth0 in Minutes

Cymatic plugs directly within Auth0 forms to ensure a fast and seamless integration and user experience. Sign up in minutes, add the Cymatic integration snippet directly to Auth0, and you’re done.

Good for Your App, Good for Your Users

Not only is this approach better for reducing your attack surface, it’s also a better user experience. With Cymatic, everyone benefits.

Your Applications Benefit Your Users Benefit
Faster security verification:
200x the speed of traditional API methods
Better usability and less friction
More modern user experience No annoying Captchas
Easier signup process, less abandonment Real-time password feedback
Reduced attack surface Heightened security
Multi-dimensional security Added account protection

See Cymatic in Action

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Cymatic will not capture or record your password.

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