Multi-Dimensional Security

Your Passwords Might Be Complex, but Are They Secure?

Most web access relies on one dimension of risk: password complexity. This reduces security and leaves you exposed to a data breach and costly fines. Cymatic analyzes, correlates and mitigates over 25 dimensions of events across five major categories in real-time — more effective than a SIEM that sequences an attack after the fact.

25+ Vectors of Protection

Behavior and Physical Environment
  • Deviation detection
  • Keylogger detection
  • Device identification
  • Geo block, velocity
    and fencing
  • Session validation
  • Shared account
Password Language Protection
  • Password complexity
  • Password context
  • Password syntax
  • Dictionary check
  • Sequential characters
  • Customized compliance
Brute Force Attacks
  • Multiple signup protection
  • Bot and automation prevention
  • Rapid reset protection
  • Brute force prevention
  • Rainbow table protection
Session and Network Protection
  • Session stealing
  • IP reputation
  • Tor, proxy and VPN detection
  • Web skimming
  • Email reputation check
Dark Web and Stolen Passwords
  • Password breaches
  • Credential stuffing
  • Stolen passwords
  • Password remediation

How Cymatic Works

Cymatic stops account takeover by combining dark web intelligence, behavioral biometrics, device and location triangulation, and credential linguistics to detect and block malicious intent. Here’s a snapshot into how Cymatic protects your login box:


Connect and Stream Data

See Risk in Minutes

Once Cymatic is added to your application and activated, it begins streaming user and password risk data to the Cymatic cloud — starting with your existing password database, and continuing with every user that logs in or creates a new account. Within minutes, you’ll know what percentage of your passwords have been leaked and have a safeguard in place to protect against future breaches.


Understand Your Risk Factors

Eye-Opening Insight

In one simple solution, Cymatic includes everything you need to automatically correlate risk, all in one place. The Cymatic Attack Surface Dashboard provides a window into the health of your password database and gives you the tools to actually do something about it.


Reduce Attack Surface

Mitigate User Risk

Once you know what risk factors exist, the Cymatic Attack Surface Dashboard gives you the tools you need to set proper security levels for your account holders — requesting password resets if necessary, and creating a custom set of password rules base on your business needs — all at the click of a button with no custom code.

Login Protection and Verification

Remediate Weak or Leaked Passwords During
Signup, Reset and Login
Cymatic analyzes user passwords while they are entered and can force a password reset or analyze on-the-fly risk by calculating the probability that the real user is logging in to your application. A detected risk can trigger a password change, a step-up verification, an account quarantine or a flag for later forensics.
Detect and Block Malicious ATO Bots and Automation
Cymatic proactively detects and filters bots and non-human traffic from botnets & malware, automated scripts, fake click programs, compromised devices, invalid browsers, and other poor quality traffic sources. Block bot traffic in real time and instantly improve the quality of your traffic, users, and transactions.
Account Takeover Fraud Prevention
Block credential stuffing and brute force attacks in real time before the user clicks submit. Cymatic's AI and machine learning analyzes over 25 dimensions of risk to identify suspicious patterns that indicate an account has been compromised or under attack.

Password Reset Assurance

Protect Against Rapid Resets
Cymatic protects against password reset page brute-force attacks to eliminate a possible DOS for valid users and to prevent the ability to discover valid account information.
Enforce Password Quality
Ensure all passwords meet regulatory compliance, are not susceptible to brute force attacks, and are free from credential breaches — plus, Cymatic checks if a password has been compromised before the user ever clicks submit.
Block Malicious Automation
Cymatic helps ensure only verified users (not bots) are requesting password resets and monitors that the password entry is valid.

Signup Fraud Defense

Stop Fake Registrations and Signup Fraud
Cymatic immediately detects fake credentials such as disposable emails, stolen user data, and submissions by bots or high risk proxies and VPNs — protecting against fake signups, fraudulent accounts, and invalid lead generation data.
Prevent Signups With Leaked Credentials
If a credential has been exposed or compromised, Cymatic will block it before the user submits their credentials to your application — eliminating the possibility of risk-prone new users signing up with bad credentials.
Eliminate Duplicate and Fake Account Fraud
Manually reviewing accounts for fraudulent behavior is time consuming at best — and nearly impossible at scale. Cymatic automatically flags fake or duplicate accounts and can quarantine them for review or further investigation.

Still not convinced?

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