Cymatic's behavioral engine monitors, blocks and alerts on all unauthorized or unknown cross-domain based activity.  Cymatic helps enforce CORS by dynamically mapping and discovering which domains your application sends data to and creates a dynamic map of your application's network activity.  Unlike solutions that force you to maintain a static whitelist of domains, Cymatic uses advanced ML/AI to learn your application's baseline behaviors and its changes over time.  This allows Cymatic to intelligently understand deviations from the mean and take appropriately action without false positives or alert fatigue.

Cymatic continuously monitors script source, origin and execution to help detect, mitigate and alert on certain types of attacks, including cross-site scripting (XSS),  clickjacking and other data injection attacks.

Cymatic has complete protection against DOM modifications at all levels of the application including dynamic DOMs and shadow DOMS.  Cymatic's unique capability to see application behavioral changes in real-time ensures protection against zero-day and user-derived threats such as plug-ins.