Implementation in Minutes

Minutes to Implement, Seconds to Realize Value.

  • Nothing new to develop.
  • Use the code you already have.
  • Keep your login process the same.

Plug-and-Play and Done

Adding leaked password or account takeover protection to your login box can be a lot of work. Not with Cymatic.

Do-It-Yourself Cymatic’s Approach
Complex, custom code One line of Javascript
Need a front end developer to code your forms No developer needed
Need a back end developer to code API calls No API calls
Need to maintain a leaked password/dark web database We maintain a database of billions of leaked passwords
Causes user friction and authentication delays since checks are done server-side No user friction; password checks are done as fast as a user can type
Ongoing maintenance Set it and forget it

Click, Click, Done.

What does it take to install and enable Cymatic? Here’s a simple rundown of the process:

  • Simply add the Cymatic JavaScript to your application
  • Enable Cymatic protection
  • Done

Easily Integrate Cymatic Into Your Existing Forms

Cymatic dynamically plugs directly into your front end logic, blending in seamlessly with your existing CSS and displays the following when a password is created or entered:

Full Compliance Without the Coding

Most web applications DO NOT comply with the latest NIST 800-63B recommended password requirements because it requires advanced checks, like:

  • Leaked passwords
  • Common dictionary words
  • Word context
  • Repetitive characters

Add the Compliance, Avoid the Fines

Every industry is full of regulations and compliance needs — from CCPA to GDPR to SOX, HIPAA and various privacy acts that change every day. Cymatic gives you assurance and peace of mind that you’re able to establish compliance with the regulations that are meaningful to your industry and avoid costly fines or penalties.

Still not convinced?

Try Cymatic for free, no credit card required. Installs in minutes.