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  • Instant Pre-login protection
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  • 25+ additional vectors of login protection
  • 100% security from dark web/leaked passwords

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Cymatic Stops Attacks Where They Happen Most: At the Login Box

Most Cyber Attacks happen because of stolen or leaked credentials — or passwords downloaded from the dark web. Before a login occurs, Cymatic immediately detects if a password has been breached and prompts users to create a new one.

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Type in a password to find out if it’s been leaked in real time.

Cymatic will not capture or record your password.

Protect Your Application from Leaked Credentials

Cymatic protects your application from leaked credentials before the login occurs. We do this when a user creates a new account password — and every time they log in to your web app. This dramatically reduces the risk of a breach.

Implement in Minutes

  • Nothing new to develop.
  • Use the code you already have.
  • Keep your login process the same.

Just add one line of Javascript, and you’re done.

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See Cymatic in Action

See how Cymatic works on popular ecommerce, financial and healthcare websites:

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Cymatic analyzes every event in the password field in realtime.

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