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Bring your passion for fighting web app threats like Magecart, account takeover, formjacking, code injections, and cross-site scripting to help create the future of web application security.

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We believe in exceptional technical ability, innate humility, and dedication to the improvement of web application security. We believe that diversity must span more than gender, religion, ethnicity, and education to embrace diversity of opinion and experience. We demand excellence and we hope you do too. Cymatic is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with offices throughout the United States, Mexico, and Israel.
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We continually seek to transform the way organizations defend web applications and will continue to reimagine and reengineer costly and ineffective WAF architectures–our technology will not fall behind. We will always push the envelope to create among the most ingenious and impactful security products in the world. We dream big–and we hope you do too.



We are driven by the science that underpins our groundbreaking client-side WAF architecture and are excited to share its value and promise with our customers. Every day, we bring a winning game to the table and play with 100% focus and commitment to excellence in web application security.



We are unwavering in our personal and professional integrity, and we are strategic and thoughtful in everything we do. We strive always to do the right thing. We are transparent with employees and customers alike–we call it as we see it with no hidden agendas and no ulterior motives. Good, bad, or ugly, we promise respectful, constructive, timely communication. 

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