Do What You Believe, Do It Where You Belong, Do It Because It Matters. Why I Joined Cymatic

by Cymatic | Jul 30, 2019 | Cybersecurity Blog

By Malcolm Harkins 

A recent study* examined the lives and experiences of cybersecurity professionals, and consider these impactful findings: 

  • 36% are attracted to their role by the morality of the profession
  • 60% aren’t satisfied with their current job
  • 91% indicate their organization is extremely vulnerable
  • 63% believe that new types of security automation are required
  • 56% indicate inadequate engagement with the board and executive management
  • 36% of CISOs change jobs because the corporate culture does not emphasize cybersecurity
  • Only 25% of companies have made cybersecurity a formal part of reporting to investors/board

These numbers show that security professionals are continuously looking for ways to improve cybersecurity within their organizations and across the broader industry as well. Which brings me to why I’m here.

Over the course of my career, I’m often asked “Why?” Why did I join Intel out of grad school? Why did I decide to run IT security & business continuity after 9/11? Why did I leave Intel? Why did I join Cylance? And more recently, I have been asked by several peers why I left Cylance. 

I have always followed a simple set of principles. 

When deciding which company to work for, I believe you’re either running from something or you’re running towards something. When you run towards something, passion, purpose and curiosity are the driving forces. And, to be at your ideal state and to find the career most suited for you, I also believe it’s important to remember, “I Believe, I Belong, I Matter ℠.” 

I Believe: in the mission, the management, my peers

I Belong: the people in the organization frankly demonstrate they care about their employees

I Matter: the work you do and your organization make a difference

So here I am, running towards something — to a home where I can routinely and confidently say, “I Believe, I Belong, I Matter ℠.”   

I ran towards Cymatic and am proud to share that I have joined the company as Chief Security and Trust Officer. I believe in Cymatic’s mission to helping business leaders confidently secure their web-based applications by being the only to focus on user behavior attributes before granting network access. Cymatic’s unique approach to redefining the user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) market, coupled with the executive leadership driving technology innovation in cybersecurity, made this decision a no brainer.

I want to systematically reduce the cyber and societal risk that has been introduced by the ineffective and inefficient approach to controls organizations have been deploying for years. I want to hold the security industry accountable for delivering real solutions that reduce these risks. And finally, I want to make sure the privacy and individual freedoms of each user is upheld and respected. 

I believe Cymatic has the solution to address the growing cyber risk that has by and large not been dealt with. As Chief Security and Trust Officer, my goal is to be the catalyst to fundamentally change the industry that has failed its customers for far too long. We will achieve this by providing the foundation for online application security that incorporates the most advanced user-based threat software in the world.

Here’s to the marathon ahead. 

 *The Life and Times of Cyber Security Professionals – Research Report ESG and ISSA