In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Ira Winkler.  Ira is well known in the security industry.  He is President of Secure Mentem.  He is an advisory to many organizations including Cymatic.  He is also an author of several books including Spies Among Us and soon to be released on December 3rd his newest book YOU CAN STOP STUPID.   Malcolm and Ira discuss key themes in the book.   One item in particular is critical for everyone to realize – we should stop blaming the user like the security industry has done for decades.  The problem is not necessarily the user but the environment around the people and how that functions to control or not control appropriately for risks.   Users are a part of the system and our control design and architecture needs to account for that including the potential for what Ira calls user initiated loss.  Malcolm and Ira also explore the concept of BOOM and being Left of BOOM in cyber security. 

Guest:  Ira Winkler
Host: Malcolm Harkins