Thank You NC State

by Cymatic | Feb 25, 2019 | News | 0 comments

This week we had the opportunity to attend an NC State career fair for student-athletes. It’s a milestone for us, just like a product release date. It means so much to be able to give students an opportunity to jump-start their working lives.

North Carolina is our home state.

More importantly, though are the student-athletes who stopped by to check us out. These athletes are amazing. But they’re new to the working world. They’ve spent their education years as athletes first, students second. When it comes to the business world they don’t always get the opportunity to demonstrate how their athletic discipline and integrity makes them great catches for employers.

I’d like to share our intention as a company for how we treat people. It’s more than intention though. It’s action and history.

At previous companies, our founders hired ticket sellers from venues they worked with, a teller at a bank, and a person in the hardware space. Hardware as in nuts and bolts, not CPUs and data centers. These people didn’t have the technology skills you might expect but had a character that would make them successful in any industry.

Our company is committed to people. We might see the threat in people coming into our customers’ systems, though we work to see the good in everyone else.

We know technology. We want to hire good people. It doesn’t matter their background.

When it comes to hiring from universities we’re looking for people with character who need the opportunity to learn about security or specific skills like sales or support. Our founders have tons of experience building sales, engineering, and support organizations. We need talent, not specific skills. And, it doesn’t have to be forever. Let us be your springboard to something better. Or stay with us for the ride of your life.

It’s this attitude and experience that got us invited to NC State in the first state alongside some pretty premier companies – Coca-Cola, Sherwin-Williams, Caterpillar, and others. We were the youngest company there, and the only cybersecurity company in attendance. Which, frankly, is insane given the talent gap the industry is facing.

Along with this important human milestone, we also happen to have a release milestone coming soon. Stay tuned.

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