In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Dan BlumManaging Partner at Security Architects Partners.      Dan discusses how he got his start in economics and then found his way into the technology space.  In this podcast Dan talks about his recently published book Rational Cybersecurity for Business and how he sought to figure out how you do 5% of the work right and get 95% of the benefit (or more practically the 80/20 rule).  In the quest to answer that question, Dan determined that there are  6 rational priorities that if done correctly will lead to a more effective/efficient security approach in addition to achieving better business alignment.   We touch on the economics of the industry as well as the recent Solarwinds event that has rattled a large portion organizations across the country and share perspectives on the implications this has and could have for organizations.   

Guest:  Dan Blum
Host: Malcolm Harkins