In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Rick Payne , an Info Sec engineer with RMS.  Rick has spent the past 15 or so years 15 years learning and doing.  Starting as an intern to a DevOps technician, to  Security Analyst, to  Architect, to CSO, and is now a  cloud focused Staff Information Security Engineer.   His foundation is standards-based and rooted in DevOps automation and Systems Security Engineering (SSE).   Giving back and improving the community is a passion for Rick.  Rick shares his perspective on DevSecOps and we discuss the friction that gets in the way at times of really aligning security in to the development and operational efforts in an operation.  Rick shares his perspective on SMB as well and the incremental security approaches taken by many vs. the transformational things that we need to be doing.   Rick shares from his experiences a wide variety of lessons learned and the approach he is taking to lead transformational change to improve security.  

Guest:  Rick Payne (1) Rick Payne CISSP, RHCE | LinkedIn
Host: Malcolm Harkins