In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Keyaan Williams from Class LLC.      Keyaan discusses his reflections back on 2020 as well as more broadly what he sees as the missing component – people.  We discuss burnout and how that discussion came up in a series of roundtables that were conducted in 2020 with over 100 executives discussing corporate extinction events.  Those issues/events that could cause your organization to go out of business.  We also touch on Solarwinds and hear from Keyaan that many CISOs don’t have a level of true visibility to critical business systems and business processes.  And how many of us lack a fully documented enterprise IT architecture.  So we have a level of event driven awareness and a highly reactive approach to asset management.  So has the CIO failed to do their role to manage IT across the organization ? Keyaan shares his perspective to this question.    He also shares who was his childhood hero and why. 

Guest:  Keyaan Williams  Keyaan Williams | LinkedIn
Host: Malcolm Harkins