In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Ron Ross,  a fellow with the National Institute of  Standards and Technology  (NIST).      In this podcast you will hear from a real hero in our struggle to make improvements in not only cyber security but in privacy.  Ron has had decades of dedication in public service to our Nation, always striving to do something bigger than has been done before.  In this podcast we discuss what  inspired Ron as a kid when Kennedy was President and how that still drives his focus today at NIST.  We discuss how complexity is overwhelming many and the double complexity problem (complexity of IT systems coupled with the security complexity we have created).   We discuss the above the water line and below the water line issues.  We discuss the consequences of cyber/physical systems and the extended enterprise as well as the need for damage limiting architecture concepts for true cyber resiliency that Ron will be focused on in 2021 and beyond. 

Guest:  Ron Ross
Host: Malcolm Harkins