Company’s Unified Web Application Defense Dashboard to Support Remote Students and Workers during Coronavirus Outbreak

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cymatic today announced that its universal in-session visibility dashboard, Cymatic 20/20, will be available to SMBs, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations now through June 30, 2020, at no charge to help support newly remote students and workers as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

As more companies, schools, institutions, and other organizations require people to work from home, media coverage about the need for remote-enabling technologies to keep those people engaged has grown as well. But technology implementations take time and money, both of which can be hard to come by when budgets continue to be cut as a result of broad economic uncertainty.

Cymatic’s free offer requires no budget expenditure, deploys in fewer than 20 minutes, and operationalizes in seconds. Its 20/20 dashboard provides remote workers and students secure access to critical network applications without the need for costly or time-consuming additions to the technology stack. The solution fits easily into most existing security configurations to provide speedy, economic deployment over a JavaScript snippet, allowing organizations to immediately combat web application threats without agents, proxies, network changes, plug-ins, or cookies.

“I’m proud to see Cymatic help organizations keep web applications safe from cyber attacks so people can continue to work and students can continue to learn safely until this crisis subsides,” said Stuart McClure, Cylance co-founder and former chief executive and chairman.

The Cymatic 20/20 dashboard will give organizations free, in-session visibility and:

  • Instant intelligence from dark web scans, geolocation data, and IP information
  • Immediate bot detection, browser plug-in scans, and user device hygiene
  • Real-time BYOD scans, user credential validation, and risk mitigation

“We say all the time that we’re on a mission to revolutionize the way people defend their web applications, but our mission to provide better security lives far beyond our platform–it’s deep in our culture, our people, our DNA,” said Jason Hollander, co-founder and chief executive of Cymatic. “I’m truly grateful to be able to help organizations keep apps more secure right now, today. An hour from now, a mom-and-pop shop clear across the country could turn on Cymatic 20/20 to access the security and full visibility between their employees and their applications–and who knows? Maybe the intel that comes from that visibility helps them stay afloat until everyone can go back to the office. I can feel proud of those outcomes.”

Unlike complex network-side technologies that can take months to deploy and provide only limited visibility, the Cymatic 20/20 dashboard installs in minutes and offers visibility across the entire tech stack with:

  • NO cookies
  • NO agents
  • NO network changes
  • NO proxies
  • NO plug-ins

Click here to start your free installation and here to see Cymatic’s all-in-one web application security at work.