Company Wins Top Honors at Black Hat in Category Exclusively for Cybersecurity Startups 

RALEIGH, N.C. –  August 4, 2020 – Cymatic today announced that it has been selected as a Top
100 Cybersecurity Startup for 2020 by Cyber Defense Magazine out of more than 3,200 other
startup entrants. 

“We’re pleased to name Cymatic as a winner among the Top 100 Cybersecurity Startups for
2020 in our second annual Black Unicorn awards.  This award showcases those companies like
Cymatic with this kind of incredible potential in the cybersecurity marketplace,” said judges
Robert R. Ackerman Jr. of, David DeWalt of, and
Gary Miliefsky of  

Cymatic delivers where traditional WAFs fail. It provides true protection against the OWASP top
10 without the cost, complexity, or compliance shortfalls that accompany legacy deployments.
The platform installs at the client with a single line of JavaScript to combat modern-day attack
vectors such as Magecart, cross-site scripting (XSS), code-injection attacks, session hijacking,
account takeovers, credential stuffing, bot attacks, and poor user security hygiene. 

“We are thrilled to be named a 2020 Top 100 Cybersecurity Startup as further recognition of
our groundbreaking advancements in client-side web application security,” said Jason
Hollander, Cymatic founder and chief executive. “We continue to receive industry accolades for
our innovative behavioral risk engine that allows customers to better protect their web
properties from even the most malicious and persistent attacks, all in less than 20 minutes.”

The CymaticONE platform integrates out of the box with most current security environments
and easily plugs into leading policy enforcement protocols to provide visibility across the
technology stack and unmatched vulnerability, awareness, detection, and response (VADR™)
capabilities for all web applications and portals. Unlike signature-based solutions, Cymatic
provides instant, continuous in-session streaming intelligence to determine in real time if
something or someone has compromised a web session–and it eliminates CAPTCHAs, forced
MFA, shared accounts, and IP threats to reduce expense across the technology stack and shrink
enterprise risk.

Click HERE to request a demo and don’t forget: The Cymatic 20/20 dashboard is FREE through
September 30, so jump-start your web application defense today. 
About Cyber Defense Awards

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s 8th year of honoring cybersecurity innovators, in this case the
Black Unicorn Awards for 2020 on our Cyber Defense Awards platform. In this competition,
judges for these prestigious awards includes cybersecurity industry veterans, trailblazers and
market makers Gary Miliefsky of CDMG, Robert R. Ackerman Jr. of Allegis Cyber and David
DeWalt of NightDragon with much appreciation to emeritus judge Robert Herjavec of Herjavec
Group.  To see the complete list of Top 100 Cybersecurity Startups for 2020 please visit