In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Frank Grimmelmann,  CEO  of  the Arizona Cyber Threat Alliance (ACTRA).     Malcolm and Frank explore the history of ACTRA and discuss a wide range of items related to public / private partnership and how that has changed over the years.  It’s not enough to just share information you have to be able to operationalize it and execute against it.   Hear what Frank has to say on his years of being at the nexus of cyber intelligence for the state of Arizona and his participation as the co-chair of the Arizona Cyber team.  Frank and Malcolm talk about the need to get rid of the silos between various organizations while protecting proprietary items.  We discuss the work Frank and his team has done on Cyber Ranges and the apprenticeship program they have established  providing real world skill development and the virtual cross org SOC that members can join.  And hear what Frank has to say on “what old is new again” and how an increase in defense in depth can actually grow the attack surface.  Throughout the discussion one thing is clear – community, trust, and culture are at the heart of making cyber public / private partnership work effectively. 

Guest:  Frank Grimmelmann
Host: Malcolm Harkins