In this episode, Malcolm Harkins speaks with Diana Kelley,  co-founder of SecurityCurve.    Diana is well known in the industry and has done it all.  She has been a practitioner, a consultant, a researcher, an analyst, and she has been on the security vendor side of things.  She is also an author.  Practical Cybersecurity Architecture is her newest book published in November 2020 with her co-author Ed Moyle.  In this podcast we discuss how Diana got her first exposure to technology back when she was a young girl and her father was at MIT Lincoln Labs and how that instilled a sense of curiosity in her that still drives the purpose and passion she demonstrates today.  In this podcast you will hear about her story and the common thread of “why”.   We discuss the 360 degree view she has had over the years and share perspectives on the industry, the vendors, ethics, and diversity in security.  We discussed what she has liked most and least about the industry including the reason she co-authored her newly released book.  We look ahead with some predictions for 2021 including covid 19 implications for the future of IT and Security.

Guest:  Diana Kelley  Diana Kelley | LinkedIn
Host: Malcolm Harkins