As the coronavirus (Covid-19) threat continues to grow, cybersecurity leaders are forced to adapt to a rapidly changing environment with unique challenges. Two unique issues are playing off one another in the current crisis.
For one, cybersecurity threats take advantage of crisis. In periods of widespread worry, attackers can leverage panic, confusion, and desperation to creatively transmit malware or commit successful phishing attempts. The coronavirus pandemic is no different in this respect. The unique constraint making this crisis different is that employees are, for the most part, working from home.
A distributed workforce poses many challenges from a security perspective and enterprises will have different levels of preparedness in enabling a secure WFH environment. Security leaders are faced with questions on how to securely provide access to sensitive applications to users who may be connecting over public networks on their personal devices. At the same time, public facing web applications are seeing enormous increases in traffic and are being forced to deliver new capabilities at scale that could not have been anticipated.
We asked 11 prominent cybersecurity leaders (CEOs, CISOs, and execs) to respond to the following: What is the impact of the pandemic on the threat landscape and how is this changing corporate security postures and priorities?

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