External Attack Surface Dashboard

See, Understand and Analyze User Risk in Real-Time

The Cymatic Insights Dashboard gives you a window into your overall login security health with an amazing array of data. Using Cymatic, you can understand, manage and mitigate your external attack surface from the perspective of your users and see in real-time where compliance and regulatory gaps exist.

Recognize Risk

Understand User Risk
Prioritize what you’re going to mitigate based on relevant and timely cyber threat intelligence. Cymatic captures user vulnerabilities in real-time as users interact with your web application, and provides deep insight into where an attacker might compromise you.
See Across the NIST Top 10
Cymatic slices and dices hundreds of data points and categorizes them into actionable buckets based on NIST recommendations. Quickly see how exposed you and your users are to risks such as dark web breaches, risky locations, malicious automation, fake and duplicate accounts and account takeover attempts.
Dive Deep Into User Details
Remove the guesswork on which users put you most at risk. Get a detailed risk report by user to triage and mitigate each vulnerability.

Understand Risk

Dive Deep Into Website Activity
Cymatic monitors users throughout their entire digital journey including when they first land on your site until they leave. See the who, what, where, when, how, and why behind your cyber health.
Understand Users, Devices and Locations
Cymatic\'s correlation engine triangulates users, devices and locations so you get a bird\'s eye view of how these three pillars of risk interact with one another. Learn the risk hotspots behind each user to fast-track mitigation strategies.
Identify Who’s at Risk and Why
Each user login and session provides detailed information as to which users pose a risk and why. Quickly isolate these users and remediate any vulnerabilities.

Analyze Risk

See What‘s Working
Metrics and data show the effectiveness of user security controls and awareness activities.
Prove Risk Reduction, Compliance and ROI
Show stakeholders and regulators you’re reducing risk with daily, weekly and monthly trending reports across all user cyber risk factors.
Understand Your Breach Probability
Proactively identify gaps in your secure access workflows and build comprehensive strategies to shrink your attack surface.

Remediate Risk

Remediate and mitigate cyber risk now and for the future with Cymatic Login Box Protection. Proactively identify gaps in your user security and eliminate them in real-time.

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