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The only unified platform that protects your business seamlessly without agents, cookies, proxies or friction.

One place to get realtime visibility to detect user risk, mitigate threats and enforce user security hygiene before it causes harm to your business.

Comprehensive Credential Defense

Blocking breached credentials is now table stakes. Cymatic’s intelligent credential defense can preemptively determine – before a breach – if the credentials are vulnerable to compromise.

Pre-Endpoint Threat Resolution

Cymatic’s unique capabilities block unknown threats at the browser before they reach the network. The platform catches the request submissions without proxies, agents or DNS rerouting. 

Compliance-Driven Reports and Analytics

Cymatic’s contextual engine can triangulate risks to provide a high fidelity report of what the real threats are to an organization and where the gaps are. 

Meet the Cymatic Unified Security Platform

“We are able to increase the security of our web application without causing any disruption to our users. Their user awareness widget is game-changing and has made measurable impact to our security programs..”

Troy Simon | CEO of Concierge Health

Cymatic Lets Companies Track Each Employee’s ‘Security Hygiene’

Cymatic Lets Companies Track Each Employee’s ‘Security Hygiene’

In March 2019, a breach exposed private data from more than 100 million Capital One customers across the U.S. and Canada. The breach wasn’t detected by the bank until early July. “Most security products even today are geared specifically around static-based...

4 Security Startups Raise $46M in 4 Days

4 Security Startups Raise $46M in 4 Days

Four security startups announced nearly $46 million in their Series A and seed funding rounds this week over a period of four days. The fact that venture capital firms are writing huge checks to security companies isn’t exactly new. Momentum Cyber’s mid-year review...

Cymatic is the first to focus on unmanaged devices and users.

Cymatic’s cloud and AI-based end user behavior analytics platform verifies user legitimacy before allowing user access to the network.

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