Client-Side WAF + VADR™ 

Complete visibility and protection in real time against all code-injection attacks, user risk and session fraud with a single line of javascript.

Cymatic built the first client-side WAF that leverages VADR™ to combine client-side WAF defense with a proprietary AI engine to deliver instant and continuous in-session intelligence around applications and users

Get Actionable insights instantly across the entire web application landscape

Companies that deploy Cymatic enjoy:

  • Market-leading Client-Side WAF and ATO Defense
  • Real-time OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 Defense
  • Forensic Reporting and Record Retention
  • Privacy by Design – GDPR, CCPA and Others
  • Board-Level Reporting, Analytics and Scores
  • Fewer Alerts and Reduced Operational Cost
  • Enterprise Scalability and Peformance
  • Compliance-driven Risk and Cyber Health Scores
  • Dynamic ATO Defense and User Remediation
  • Intelligent Threat Blocking, Containment and Remediation

Cymatic currently protects over 1.5 Billion sessions per month from application and user-derived threats 

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