Lock Down Your Login Box

Stop account takeover attacks where they start.


Stop Leaked Password Attacks Where They Happen Most: At the Login Box

Cymatic stops attackers in their tracks by checking every account creation and login attempt against a database of billions of leaked credentials in milliseconds. If a leaked credential is detected, the user can be prompted to create a new secure password, or you can elevate the login risk to monitor or take action downstream.


Implement in Minutes

  • Nothing new to develop.
  • Use the code you already have.
  • Keep your login process the same.

Just add one line of Javascript, and you’re done.

Pre-Login Protection

Most security technologies check to see if a user’s credentials have been compromised or leaked after they log in — and send the user a message to update their password. By then, it’s too late. Cymatic protects your application before the login occurs — and before the breach happens.

See Cymatic in Action

Type in a password to find out if it’s been leaked in real time.

Cymatic will not capture or record your password.

Multi-Dimensional Security

While leaked or harvested credentials account for 89% of all security incidents, Cymatic protects against a host of additional risks, such as IP reputation, device risk, behavioral verification, geo velocity and more.


Block the Bots, Too

Cymatic detects and protects against credential/login-bots without creating additional user friction, as well as non-human traffic from botnets, malware, automated scripts, fake click programs, compromised devices, invalid browsers, and other poor quality traffic sources. Bye bye, bots — hello, happy users.



Self Healing Over Time

More than 50% of the credentials used by your consumers are readily available on the dark web. Cymatic gives you the option to prompt compromised (but legitimate) users attempting to log in to change their password immediately — which can clean your compromised password base to 0% risk over time.


More Data Than You May Ever Need

We’re crazy about data, so our External Attack Surface Dashboard gives you a window into your overall login security health with an amazing array of data points, including:

  • User Risk Assessment
  • Security Health
  • Breach Probability

Just add one line of Javascript, and you’re done.

¹ 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report

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